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What to Do If Your Car Tire Blows Out on the Freeway

Posted - 02/21/2012

If you experience an unexpected flat tire or blowout on the freeway, you may have difficulty retaining control of the vehicle. This is especially true if one of the front tires blows out. The force may pull the steering wheel out of your hands, so you will have keep a firm grip and remain calm. When the blowout first occurs, you should avoid slamming on the brakes. Hitting your brakes at freeway speeds can cause you to lose control of the vehicle, which may result in an accident. A better option is to remove your foot from the gas pedal so that the vehicle will slow down naturally. If there are a lot of cars on the road, you will have to wait until you can safely pull over to the side. If at all possible, you should try to steer yourself to an exit. That may not be a choice, in which case you should try to get into the breakdown lane. You should use your signals so that other drivers are aware of your intentions, and switch to your hazard lights when you are ready to pull off the road. After you have reached safety, you should consider calling a professional roadside assistance company. Changing a tire in a breakdown lane, or on a freeway off ramp, can be dangerous. If you absolutely need to change your tire yourself, make sure to set down some emergency flares or reflective hazard signals.
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